Two wines of great elegance and pure pleasure from our winery of Bolgheri

Tenuta i Greppi Bolgheri

The winery is located in the Bolgheri doc wine region, which is one of Italy's most esteemed denominations. Located about 100 km South- west of Florence, in a small area with a particularly good microclimate.

The winery, Tenuta I Greppi, established in 2002 ,near the village of Castagneto Carducci - Bolgheri, is the result of a journey taken by two families who grew up together.

The Landini family, owners of the Viticcio winery, with their wine-making experience decided to join ventures with the Cancellieri-Scaramuzzi family, in the famous and magical Bolgheri territory, to make a dream come true.

The I Greppi Winery totals 25 hectares, of which 15 were recently planted with high density vineyards. The production zone is located 15 metres above sea level on the characteristic sands of Donoratico, particularly rich in silicon.

The principle grape varietals chosen were Cabernet S., Mer., and Cab. Fr.

The result is the creation of two great wines, Greppiccante and Greppicaia, produced following the winerie’s philosophy of achieving elegance and sheer pleausure.

It is possible to stay and taste our wines at Campastrello Sport Residence Hotel - Castagneto Carducci or at Fattoria Viticcio Greve in Chianti